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Unique Steampunk-inspired Nixie Tube Watch with wireless charging, aluminum case and Sapphire crystal display. Perfectly fusing vintage design with cutting-edge technology, this watch combines steampunk and futuristic aesthetics in a beautifully-crafted timepiece. It features two (rare) IN-16 Nixie tubes to analogically display time and stopwatch counters. Originally designed in the 1950s and preserved to this day, every single IN-16 used on modern Nixie tube watches reduces the already limited total available. There currently are only around 10,000 IN16 Nixie tubes left in the world.

The built-in gyroscopic sensor automatically detects your wrist movement to display time and save power. The tubes light up only when you raise your wrist or manually press to activate the display, and it also comes with a stopwatch feature built in. Simply double press the down button to activate it. Instead of traditional wireless charging via magnetic connector, the watch uses a universal Qi-compatible wireless charger (included) for easier, safer and more reliable charging.

Packing both vintage and modern technologies in a compact 48x39x16mm body, this is the most compact Nixie Tube watch on the market. The watch is built with sapphire crystal and sapphire case back which is extremely hard and scratch resistant. Sapphire is one of the hardest substances on earth which measures 9 on the scale, while diamond measures 10, the highest rating. The Nixie Tube Watch is the ultimate gift for your geek or cyberpunk loved one and is guaranteed to make a fantastic gift.

Nixie tubes were born in the 1950s. Nowadays, there's no manufacturer investing in Nixie tubes production on a large scale, and production has been discontinued for nearly 30 years.


Brand Nyx
Model Nixie 01
Tube IN16 Nixie Tube (x2)
Box Contents Watch, Armored Storage Box, Wireless Charger Base, USB Cable, User Guide
Power Built-in Lithium-Ion Battery
Material Sapphire Crystal, Aluminum Oxide, Rubber
Water Resistance IPX4 (3BAR)
Size Gauge Diameter: 48.5 x39x15.8 (mm)
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