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Receive custom handmade sculptures of anything you like! For Yourself; a friend, a family relative or even your pet! They are 100% personalised and made from a high-quality material that is also eco-friendly – which is specially made for precision sculpting. All custom orders are ‘full-body’ sculptures by default. If you do not wish for a full-body; you can purchase and let us know your custom requirements on checkout.

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Receive a custom made sculpture of anything you like! Yourself; a friend, a family relative or even your pet! They are handmade from a high-quality clay that is eco-friendly. It is specially made for precision sculpting. All custom orders are ‘full-body’ sculptures by default. If you do not wish for a full-body; you can purchase and let us know your custom requirements on checkout.

The cost for one sculpture is £149.99. Discounts are available when purchasing additional sculptures.

Order Steps:

Step 1: Please send/upload some clear face pictures from front and some other pictures from a different angle; if possible.
Step 2: Within a few days, you will receive an email from us that shows the sculpture that we have created for you. At this stage no colours will have been added. You may ask for specific customisations at this point and can request up to 2 changes. If no response is made within 48 hours, the sculpture will be deemed as approved, and then continue onto the next stage of the process.

Step 3: Crafting of the sculpture takes approximately 2-4 weeks. When your order is ready to ship, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please note: Too many customisation changes may cause a delay in the final delivery. Changes to the sculpture cannot be made once the sculpture has been heated. Due to the long process of creating a unique sculpture; it is not possible to provide refunds once the sculpture has been made.

The size of your sculpture will depend on the size you have selected. You can choose from a number of available sizes.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 13 cm

3" inches, 5.5" inches, 7" inches, 10" inches, 12" inches

Head type

Fixed, Spring (wobble)


Realistic, Cartoon

Name Engraving

Yes, No


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Product Enquiry


What size sculptures do you provide?

We offer the following sizes: 3.5" inches, 5.5" inches, 7.5" inches, 10" inches, 12"inches, 14" inches.

What are they made of?

All of the sculptures that we create for customers are made with high quality polymer clay for the main parts of the figurines. Other materials such as fabric, plastic and glass may also be used for other parts; such as the clothing.

Do they the heads wobble/move?

By default, all sculptures are created with a fixed non-moving head. If you would like your sculpture to have a moving head that wobbles; make sure to make this selection using the customisation options.

How long do they take to make?

The sculptures typically take around 2-3 weeks to make as the process is long. This will also depend on the number of sculptures purchased.

Each section of the sculpture needs to be created separately and then molded together. The correct shape is formed for all sections and specific details are also added. After clothing and extra styling has been applied, it is then baked in the oven which makes the clay hard. Once the heating process has finished, it is then painted and further styling is also added.

The whole process typically takes about two weeks. The shipping should take one week but may take a little longer depending where it is to be shipped to.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship our products to almost any country; for free. But if you live in the North Pole or you work and live at Sea (on an oil rig, a military ship or submarine); we won't be able to ship your package at all.

Do I need to pay for shipping?

There are no shipping costs to pay. Any purchase that you make with us will come with free worldwide shipping and all packages are tracked.

How will I know if I will like the sculpture that is made for me?

We always provide a picture of the sculpture via email to the customer; before the heating process starts. This will give the customer the opportunity to request any adjustments. Once the sculpture is heated, it can no longer be changed.

Do you provide refunds?

Yes. We are happy to provide a full refund to customers whose product has been damaged during transit. The items we send are very rarely damaged during the shipping process; but when they do, we always offer a refund or product replacement. Customers must email us a clear picture of their damaged product when seeking a refund and must do so within 3 days of receiving their order. Items must be returned to us within 14 days. The customer will be responsible for costs in returning the item.

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