About Us

Our miserable staff. Blame them for the crap we make.


Darren Kent

Owner & Director

brooke harris

Brooke Harris

Sales Agent


Kori C.

Co-owner & Team Leader

layla diaz

Layla Diaz

Marketing Manager


Kate P.

Sales Advisor

Customer Testimonials

Think we’re talking crap? We’ll let our miserable customers do the talking…

Very realistic and very cool.

Ian Pritchard
Warehouse Manager, London, UK

I am so in love with these. One of the best things that I have ever bought. I absolutely love it.

Student, Southend-on-Sea, UK

These are not crap! (but that's my opinion). I'm over the moon and was so excited the moment it arrived. It is perfect and you guys have gotta get one! They are fantastic.

Jessie Parker
Receptionist, Bolton, UK

These are so good I've ordered four more, plus one of my dog. Even the animal sculptures are incredibly realistic. Thank you so much.

Healther Nicole
Nurse, Tennessee, USA

A message from the founder.

hello there. welcome to crap heads. if you have not yet ordered, then what are you waiting for? go grab a cuppa and return to see what we have to offer. make sure to use our sweet discount code! see checkout page for details.

Take a look at some of the crap we make.

Liked what you saw? Neither did we.

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