Welcome to one of the crappiest websites on the internet.

Scratch that. We are the crappiest. Please send the golden trophy award to our trash bin.

Welcome to CRAP HEADS.

Shockingly realistic 3d handmade sculptures of pure crap.


We create the crappiest looking handmade sculptures that the world has ever seen. Just take a look at our portfolio of previously made sculptures. 100% 💩

Each one we make are realistic looking and custom made to the customer’s request, using high quality clay. These aren’t available in any high street store. So order your piece of crap; right here, today!

Our crappiest Handmade Sculptures. You won't want any of these.

But if you do, be sure to tip the artist who creates your handmade sculptures; otherwise it really will be crap.

Fun character style Handmade sculptures. These are even crappier.

Seriously. Stay away from these. Do NOT hit that order button! You have been warned.

Miserable customers who've received some crap in the mail.

Buy our crap and have your very own picture added here. We’ll consider you a loyal piece of crap and we hope you place another order.

Or don’t; we don’t care.

We're #1 in realistic looking Handmade Sculptures.
So don't buy crap; unless its a crap head.


Choose the desired number of sculptures you would like. We also provide special discounts when you purchase additional quantities.


Is 3 inches not enough for you? It's not for most women. We give you the option to select from a number of different sizes. 5.5" inches is our most popular size.


Choose the colours - right down to the clothing, hair, eyes and skin tone. Or upload your photos for us and we'll make sure to make your sculpture look super accurate!

Custom handmade sculptures


We'll also match item of clothing that you're wearing in the photos (if you're wearing any). You are free to provide custom requests.


Do your mates call you a bit of a poser? Let us know what pose/stance you'd like yours to have.


How about a sculpture of you playing golf or kicking a football? We can even include your pet, friend or a family member so that you're both together. The choice is yours! *Additional fees may apply.

We're ready and waiting to send you some crap.

While we sit and wait, go hit that order now button and let the magic crap begin.


Join our rewards program and earn special discounts on each order you place with us. Plus earn free account credit when its your birthday!

Free worldwide shipping

That's right, we'll ship your order straight to your trash can; wherever you are in the world - at no extra cost. So don't delay, order your crap today!

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